Entering Ketosis

I was sitting at my desk yesterday (only 2 days back on the low-carb wagon) and I suddenly broke into a cold sweat. A couple of minutes later, I stood up and felt very light-headed. I then realized I was entering ketosis! *cheers!*

Shortly after cutting back on the carbs, your body goes into a state of “ketosis” where it says, “Hey… no more carbs? Hmmm… Mister Liver, let’s work on finally burning our own fat!” Ketones are a fuel your body produces as it converts body fat into energy after using its own 48-hour secret stash of glycogen (carbs converted into fuel).

Yup – your body will begin to munch that layer of “adipose” fat between your awesome 6-pack and the skin above it if you’d just knock out the carbs from your diet.

Every pound of fat in that “beer belly” contains 3,500 calories of energy your body would LOVE to burn if only you taught it to use fats and not carbs as a fuel source!

The excess ketones that aren’t used during exercise are released as “exhaust” through breath, sweat, and urine, so be sure to flush your system, by drinking TONS of water throughout the day. This is critical!

Common Carb Reference Guide:
0-50g carbs/day will send you into ketosis for FAST weight loss
51-100g carbs/day will promote STEADY weight loss, but slower than in ketosis
101-150g carbs/day should MAINTAIN a constant weight for a “normal” individual
151g+ carbs/day might break into a weight GAIN cycle

Here are a few more of the symptoms you may or may not experience with ultra-low-carbing.

Don’t freak if you start seeing these issues, just keep drinking water for a couple of days and they will pass. 24 hours after I started feeling it, mine have all dissipated (some folks talk about having the symptoms weeks later, so don’t worry about a time-frame).

Just hang in there… and click this picture to take your mind off of it for a bit!



~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on February 27, 2013.

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