Beef Stock, Marrow, and Tallow – All About the Bones!

I just got an idea to do what I haven’t done in a while: make homemade bone broth! As I hunted for new ways to do things with the marrow, I came across Kumquaty It. This person’s site has a one-stop shopping page for what to do with bones.

Buy a bunch from the butcher for pretty cheap, roast ’em up and use all of the juices, marrow, and fats!

If you’ve never tried marrow, it is AWESOME! So rich and flavorful and super-healthy for you too! Caution: if it is your first time, probably best to try it in a omlette or with veggies as it is some powerful stuff, but VERY tasty!

And as for tallow (beef fat as opposed to lard which is just pork fat, eg: unadulterated bacon grease), I usually ask the supermarket butcher if he has any scraps in the back from the day’s butchering and they sell it as “suet” for real cheap. It can be used to fry eggs or anything else if you wanna give butter a break – it just needs to be rendered a bit.

Check this out and give it a whirl:

And, if you’re ever in Tacoma, you are required to go to Marrow Restaurant!



~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on March 14, 2013.

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