LCHF Rösti (Swedish Hashbrown Pancakes)

Though this dish finds its roots in Switzerland, it is HUGE in Sweden (where the LCHF movement has hit the hardest anywhere in the world).

I came across a few LCHF variations to this simple potato pancake side dish. I kinda combined them to a recipe I thought would taste the best and am now sharing my idea with you! If you have any suggestions or tried tweaking something that went well for you, please share!

This can be used as a side dish or eat solo for a whole meal!

Butter/Bacon Grease (for frying)
Fresh Cauliflower (about 3 cups before ricing)
Carrots (about 4 large)
Green Onion (1/2 cup, chopped)
Cottage Cheese (1/3 cup)
Cooked Bacon, cut/broken into bite-sized pieces (as much as you’d like)
Eggs, whipped (x2)
Garlic (at least 3 cloves, minced)
Salt, Pepper (to taste)

(1) Rice the cauliflower: in a food processor, pulse the cauliflower pieces using a normal “S”-shaped blade (stopping between each pulse to check consistency) until they are small (slightly larger than grains of rice) –  if you go smaller it’s fine, but don’t puree the stuff! If you have a medium/large GLASS mixing bowl, dump it in. If not, any microwave-safe container will work.

(2) Using the shredder attachment on the processor (or a hand grater/shredder), shred the carrots and add to the cauliflower in the mixing bowl and put it all in the microwave for a few minutes to soften the veggies up a bit.

(3) Drain the water from the bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix thoroughly with a spoon, rubber spatula, or just use your fingers if you don’t mind the feeling of goopiness!

(4) Get a nice dollop of the butter or other fat melting in a pan over medium to medium/high heat, but here’s the tricky part… you’re gonna fry these puppies, so too low on the heat and they’ll turn into grease sponges and won’t cook thoroughly; too hot and the butter/grease will scorch leaving you with blackened pucks.

(5) Grab a scoop of the mixture (anywhere from the size of a “silver dollar” pancake when poured to a full pan – up to you) and pour it, carefully, into your pan to avoid spattering. I recommend just one small one to start to determine your frying temperature.

(6) Be patient – don’t flip these too early. The egg will make the soupy mixture thicken as it cooks. After a couple minutes, check the underside with a spatula and if it’s golden, gently turn the thing over and cook the other side. If it’s too dark, scrap the fat in the pan and lower the heat slightly for the next batch.

This recipe should make about 8-10 of the little bad boys or 1-2 bigger ones, so let me know how they turn out!

The pictured rösti below is from the Photobucket account where I got the idea. I’ll get Photoshop very soon so I can start posting my own shots…



~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on March 11, 2013.

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