More Calorie-Counting Nonsense

I forgot to bring my food to work yesterday and I started wondering what I was gonna do. Solution: eat at the “Roach Coach/Gut Wagon/Chow Truck/Mobile Kitchen”!

I asked the cookin’ dude to throw a pound of ground beef, some onions and cheese on his grill and dump it all on a styrofoam tray… he asked if I wanted it served as a burrito, then looked at me like a cow looks at a new fence when I told him to “skip the tortilla because it just gets in the way of the meaty-goodness!”

This concept is so alien to folks… my coworkers thought I was gonna die if I ate it all (especially since I topped it with a ton of sour cream and a little hot sauce)… and they know I roll LCHF better than anyone!

I ate it all in one sitting by 9am and amazingly enough, I didn’t need to eat again until 7pm! I wasn’t even “starving” by then either, just hungry a bit. Your body will tell you when to eat and if you eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods, you won’t need to eat often at all! I stopped caring about calories awhile ago (and I know I take in 3,000+ daily) and I just eat healthy foods until I’m no longer hungry (but stopping before I feel bloated).

Somehow, I manage to still lose weight though…

More wisdom from Tom & Friends:

The breakfast of champions!


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on March 8, 2013.

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