5 Reasons Why Calories Don’t Count

When I first started low-carbing, some of the best things I read that swayed me in my thinking towards how nutrition actually works are summed up in this article. I now present it to anyone else venturing down this path:  http://empoweredsustenance.com/why-calories-dont-count/

The thing that sticks with me – even to this day – is “Instead of shopping the nutritional label, shop the ingredient list.” A great read for anyone who is stuck in the rut of counting calories. Thank you, Lauren!

nutrition info


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on March 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Calories Don’t Count”

  1. Loved Lauren’s article. I just recently came across her blog and it’s become one of my favorites. I hadn’t seen this article yet and I’m glad you posted it – it has some really solid advice. Good stuff!

    • I can’t really say that I have the time to write all-original stuff like you do on your site – *bows down* – however, I can point people to the sources where I gather my information!

      I’m so glad you got something out of her article! And, yup – her entire site pretty much rocks too!

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