Day 9: Plyometrics

Nothing new to report really – just waking up at 4:30 still. Two things I did notice though: I have a much easier time waking up now than I thought I would, and I have a lot more on an empty stomach than I thought I would.

I usually eat my last meal no later than 7pm and don’t break the fast (besides water) until about 9am. The protein whey powder accompanies coffee+coconut oil as the first thing in mah belly in the morning.

There’s a back-and-forth argument about pre- vs. post-workout replenishment… I can see the benefits both ways, but I’m not looking to get built-up, so as long as I get it within a couple hours of working out, I’m sure my body will know what to do with it.

I’m actually thinking about adding X Stretch into the evening routine. I’m not gonna kick myself if I flake on it (it is extracurricular after all), but just a relaxing way to end the day and better than sitting sitting in front of the tube for that hour.

Tomorrow repeats the shoulders and arms nightmare, but another shot at slaying the Ab-Ripper beast!


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on March 5, 2013.

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