Day 8: Chest & Back + Ab-Ripper X

Man, I felt SOOOO limber this morning when I woke up! 5am I was up and ready to “bring it”!

I still felt weak, yet my numbers went up slightly on my reps… I dropped on the pullups (they will still need work for sure) though.

I am noticing more energy as the days go on… partly from the exercise, but more from diet, methinks. Either way – I feel great!

As for the abs, I’m seeing the progress with the workout. I can actually do 2/3 of what the dudes on the tube are doing (with plenty of breaks – trust me!) now versus last week when I couldn’t do much at all besides hold my feel and shoulders off the ground for the alloted time. At the end, when doing the Mason Twists, 7 days ago, I could only do 12 (and felt like puking after)… this morning, I pulled off 25 and hurt, but no nausea, so I consider that a huge hurdle overcome!

Tomorrow is round two of Plyometrics!


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on March 4, 2013.

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