Eating Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

There is a very common myth that if you eat dietary fats, it automatically adds to the layer of fat you have building up in your “love handles” or thighs. Eating a piece of bacon does not somehow bypass all the filtration systems your body has only to directly enter your bloodstream on the express route to your belly fat area.

To give you an introduction to the basic process of “why you get fat”, I’m linking to a portion of the “FatHead Movie” where Tom Naughton talks about how insulin works right here: How Insulin Works

The goal is to keep your insulin levels relatively low when trying to lose weight. High carb/sugar intake means your body needs more insulin than it can produce to combat the spikes… this is the onset of diabetes and a lesser variation called insulin-resistance. It’s also why diabetes is closely related to being overweight, but I’m thinkin’ it might be like saying, “the sneeze is causing the cold”. The fact that you are dealing with obesity is not going to cause you to one day get diabetes, but it may be an indicator that you are taking on more carbs/sugars than your body can tollerate which may lead to diabetes… in other words, the obesity isn’t the cause; the cause of the obesity is.

The FatHead Movie is PACKED with information and, in fact, was the catalyst that started me on this way of eating awhile ago.

I will start talking more about the effects of insulin soon, but for now, poke around Google and look for how insulin effects weight loss.



~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on February 28, 2013.

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