Day 4: Yoga X

Whoa! I’m gonna plan my schedule better next week and make sure to NOT have a Netflix disc that needs to go back the day after working shoulders… the reach to the mailbox to drop the thing in crippled my shoulder on left-hand turns for the whole drive into work today!

I really cannot wait to do this routine! I just figured with Yoga being all about clearing your mind and relaxing, I didn’t want to rush it first thing in the morning and having to constantly keep an eye on the clock.

Once I get home from work and right before I eat dinner, an hour and a half will go towards stretching and balancing! I’m in no way “falling off the wagon”… this is just better suited for an evening than a morning for my schedule!

Instead, I slept in a bit and am about to break my 16-hour fast with some bacon in a minute!

Since entering ketosis, I’m finding an unquenchable thirst I had forgotten about, so I’m drinking water like mad!


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on February 28, 2013.

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