LCHF Truly Crustless Pizza

Ingredients: Mozzarella cheese (and other cheese if you’d like), Tomato sauce, whatever toppings you’d like to add… that’s it, folks!

I’ve found traditional “crustless pizzas” (often called “meat-zas”) to be a bit heavy, so I eliminated the “crust” comletely from the crustless pizza to make it truly as the name states.

About a year ago, I bought one of those OrGreenic ceramic-coated frying pans (the one on the infomercial where the person actually blows the fried egg from the pan to show its non-stickiness)… works perfectly for this. You can use any non-stick pan, but if you’re not using ceramic or a well-seasoned surface, you’ll need to add some butter (which is never a bad thing) to prevent it from sticking.

For a quick 10-minute snack/meal, simply spread some mozzarella evenly into a cold pan (unless you’re not using  a ceramic one in which case you’d need it on low to melt the butter). Don’t worry about little gaps – it’s okay to see the pan through the cheese: it will melt and spread once that burner heats the pan slowly. Note: the thicker the layer of cheese, the flimsier the pizza will be.

Once the cheese has melted and started to very gently bubble, turn the heat up to a medium-high level and add some of your favorite low-carb tomato sauce (or make your own by mixing a small can of plain tomato sauce, a little bit of each: garlic, basil, thyme, and oregano – taste as you go and adjust as necessary – cut the acidity with a drop of honey if needed). Put a dollop here-and-there accross the face of the pizza (this will spread a little as it heats up).

Add your (pre-sauteed/cooked) toppings to that bad boy and wait just a few more minutes…

Keep checking the edges of the ‘za by scooting around them and lifting slightly with the corner of your spatula to see when they have turned to a golden-brown color. Once the edges are ready, carefully get that spatula under the whole pizza to make sure it’s loosened all over.

Have a plate big enough to handle the whole pie at the ready and slowly and carefully slide the pizza out of the pan and onto the plate – using your spatula as an escort. Slow and careful is key… do not rush this part! Even if it dumps into a lump on the plate, don’t worry, the flavors are still there – you’ll just need a fork, a knife. and less napkins than if it turns out flat and circular!

Once your creation hits the plate, let it sit for a few minutes to cool before slicing it. Use a pizza cutter or knife to make those slices custom fit to your preference and show your belly some lovin’! Caution: have napkins available when partaking in your slice of bliss!

** I’ll make one soon and stick a picture here**


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on February 27, 2013.

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