Day 3: Triceps, Biceps and Shoulders + Ab-Ripper X

Not too shabby!

4:30am start again (hit the weights by 5am)… I could still feel my chest muscles sobbing a bit from Monday, but no worries. Not too many  issues with my quads from all the squatting yesterday for some reason though. I pushed too, so…

I’m just now (2 hours later) starting to feel my shoulders insubordination. It doesn’t hurt to raise my arms, but they just refuse to move past a certain point.

My arms are not big at all (unless I’m comparing myself to a 10 year old girl maybe), so I thought this day would kill me. Not so – it wasn’t too bad. Sure, I had to take my time and started with fairly light weights, but I’m not in this game to get huge – just to tone up!

Ab Ripper X, however, is still a beast to be slain! I can see this will be my bane for a little bit. Not a discouragement though; more of a challenge! The first day, I could barely do any of the moves so I just worked out vicariously for most of the video while panting and watching the guys on the TV sweat for me! I didn’t slack this time – I pushed it (and my tummy muscles are still protesting that move) and made improvements. I went from only doing about 5 Mason Twists at the end last time to now doing 20… albeit with 5 second breaks between bursts, but it will pay off not to just sit there like a lump and feel pity on myself.

Tomorrow is Yoga, so let’s see how that goes… *holds breath*

I’m stretching… I’m drinking the water (twice as much now that my body’s kicked into ketosis and I’m starting to get my dizy spells and hot flashes).


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on February 27, 2013.

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