Scotch Eggs

Over the past year, one of the greatest things I’ve discovered was Scotch Eggs. A simple British recipe which rolls a hard-boiled egg up in a meatball, then deep fries the sucker.

To modify it for Paleo/LCHF I’ve seen a bunch of variations to eliminate/replace the breadcrumbs, but thanks to Michelle (NomNomPaleo) and Melissa (TheClothesMakeTheGirl), here are some of the tastiest:

NomNomPaleo‘s Asian take on TheClothesMakeTheGirl‘s original Olympics Party success

Don’t have time or equipment to fry a whole bunch (as the original acrossed-the-Atlantic recipes required)? It’s a great idea to toss them in a baking dish and chuck ’em in the oven to make a whole week’s worth in one go!

Also, try a 50/50 split of ground beef and chorizo for the mix. Add some cilantro and serve with avocado slices and crema (muchas gracias to Señor Brown y amigos) for a bit more of a fiesta caliente!

Caution: The more fat, the more shrinkage, so be liberal when meating around the egg. Even if they don’t look like the picture when you’re finished, just close your eyes and stick a bite in your mouth and you’ll soon forget what they looked like once you’re euphoria kicks in!

paleo scotch eggs


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on February 26, 2013.

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