Day 1: Chest & Back + Ab-Ripper X

I’ve just started on my 90-day journey to increasing strength this morning.

Jumped up at 4:30am to make sure I had enough time to exercise, shower, cook breakfast for the week, then still be able to be to work by 8am. I made it with time to spare, so I can sleep in a little tomorrow (and boy, am I gonna need the extra rest!).

I found the chest and back exercises to be seriously intense. I went through Marine Corps boot camp, but that was 17+ years and about -30 pounds ago! Aside from jumping rope and sprinting, I really don’t exercise often… and I could really tell that at 5am this morning when I started this workout!

I could do most of the exercises for the first half of Chest & Back (just not to the numbers the pros were pulling, but you’ve gotta start somewhere!). My ego was completely squashed though… thinking back to the good ol’ days when I was able to do 40 pull-ups – I was struggling for 4 this morning!

The Ab-Ripper X routine was amazing! I can see it will take some serious work to get back in shape because some of the exercises (which the guys on the video are doing 25 reps each), I could only do 10 in the allotted time!

Just going to continue to “do my best and forget the rest”! Tomorrow is Plyometrics…

Until then, gonna pound some water and stretch often!


~ by Eat Fat, Get Skinny on February 25, 2013.

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